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Leave Your Legacy with ACF of Sedona to Benefit the Library

Charlie German and his wife Linda call Camp Verde home and share the belief that being active in their community and doing things for others are key components of a genuinely healthy and satisfying lifestyle. That’s why they have chosen to enrich the local community long after they are gone by incorporating legacy giving into their financial plan.

The town library is a symbol of how the Camp Verde community has worked together over the years to improve the lives of local residents for generations. “I first knew this library as two 6-foot long shelves located on the eastern wall of the Wingfield Mercantile Company above the Levi jeans,” said Charlie. “As our town grew, so did the library, eventually becoming what it is today. But that did not happen on its own. The whole community pitched in their time, effort and even their own hard-earned money to make the dream of a library that meets the needs of our community into a reality. Although many who dreamed of this place, and those two wooden shelves, are no longer with us, they live on because they loved this community so much and were willing to give to its future.”

Charlie and Linda have a long history of giving back, whether it was committing their time to a project or contributing financially. As their family grew, their priorities changed, but they still made time to serve the community by giving of their time and experience. Now that their children are out of the nest, Charlie and Linda have had an opportunity to reassess their financial contributions to the community, while recognizing their commitments to their own children.

“Our family has experienced some very difficult times in the not so distant past,” said Charlie. “These challenges have stretched Linda and me as parents and, with the help of our financial planner and a local attorney who specializes in family trusts, we have been able to reduce our own stress by providing a safety net for our kids. During this process, we have also gained insight into how we can continue to affect some critically important organizations that we cherish and have been involved with in the past.”

Today, Charlie and Linda have begun incorporating legacy gifts into their financial plan, including a number of important community organizations like the Camp Verde Library Endowment. Just as the community came together to leave a lasting legacy on the town in the form of that Library, Charlie and Linda can be remembered through their contributions. In Charlie’s own words, “For us, giving to the library means giving back to the entire community including people of all ages, children, families, seniors, and people with disabilities throughout their entire lives. Our Town of Camp Verde has a spirit of willingness to invest in themselves and pay it forward to future generations, and we are proud to be a part of that legacy.”

To leave your legacy in Sedona and the Verde Valley, contact Regional Philanthropic Advisor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 928.399.7218.