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11-23-2018 Rising Out of Hatred: the awakening of a former white nationalist by Eli Saslow

David Duke, as a caterpillar, was a sheet-wearing, Nazi-admiring Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan. As a butterfly, he was a three-piece-suit-wearing political candidate who was elected to the House of Representatives from Louisiana, and very nearly became the Governor of that state. Despite the outward change, the philosophy remained the same. Don Black was Duke's successor as Grand Dragon, and they became lifelong friends....read more


Tuesday, January 22 @6:00p Riders on the Orphan Trains 

The Arizona Humanities Council funded a 4-city tour of the multi-media program “Riders on the Orphan Train – Foundlings on the Frontier. Few people today know much about the largest child migration in history. Between 1854 and 1929 over 250,000 orphans and unwanted children were taken out of New York City and sent west to find new homes. Children were sent to every state in the continental United States; the last train went to Sulphur Springs, Texas in 1929. In 1904 a group of twenty-one Irish Catholic children came to Clifton, Arizona from the New York Foundling Hospital and the ensuring confrontation over stewardship of these children became a state and national controversy that went to the Arizona Supreme Court. This incident in racial and class conflict is a poignant illustration of the cultural disparities between the East Coast and the developing West at the turn of the last century. A non-fiction book, “The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction” by Linda Gordon and published by Harvard University Press chronicles this historical event. This “placing out” system was originally organized by Methodist minister Charles Loring Brace and the Children’s Aid Society of New York. His mission was to rid the streets and overcrowded orphanages of homeless children and provide them with an opportunity to find new homes. Many of the children were not orphans but “surrendered” by single parents too impoverished to keep them. The New York Foundling Hospital, a Catholic organization, also sent out children to be placed in Catholic homes. This seventy-six year experiment in child relocation is filled with the entire spectrum of human emotion and reveals a great deal about the successes and failures of the American Dream. The one-hour multi- media program Riders on the Orphan Train combines live music by Phillip Lancaster and Alison Moore, video montage with archival photographs and interviews of survivors, and a dramatic reading from the 2012 novel “Riders on the Orphan Train” by award-winning author Alison Moore. Especially featured will be a recounting of the Clifton, AZ controversy. Although the program is about children, it is designed to engage audiences of all ages and to inform, inspire and raise awareness about this little-known part of history. The presentation was originally developed as an outreach program for The Orphan Train Heritage Society of America, Inc. and is currently the official outreach program for the National Orphan Train Complex Museum and Research Center in Concordia, KS. Twenty years of touring have provided the presenters with many true stories of Orphan Train Riders and their descendants.

Business Mastermind Group

Meets Weekly on Thursday @9:00a in the Founders Room A unique opportunity for you and your business. Get support from our Round Table Discussions. Its Free! This is not a networking group. We strive to work together in harmony, focusing on our visions and goals, collaborating, holding accountability in a safe, positive space. New topics each week? Please join us! Need more info? Contact Grace Kirkwood at 626-692-3816.

Camp Verde Business Allance

Monthly on the last Monday @6:00p-7:30p CVBA meets in the Terracotta Room

Caregiver Support Group

Monthly on the 4th Friday @12:30p - 1:30p meets in the Founders Room - Sponsored by NACOG Area Agency on Aging: Give yourself a break! come learn about resources and find peer support from other caregivers. Free and open to the public.

Computer Support/Users Group

Wednesday, 01/16 @2:30p in the Center: This will be a place beginners can come to get answers to their questions and to answer the questions of other beginners. A library staff person will be present to answer questions. Meets in the Learning Center.

For Photographers

Monthly on the 4th Thursday @3:00p-3:30p ABCs of Taking Better Photographs: A fun, itneractive class taught by Bill Helm. Bring your camera and your camera’s instruction manual, and learn not only about photography but to better understand your camera. The classes will help you get to know your camera and learn how to be more creative with your photography. Discover editing tips and learn  how to use photo-editing software. Learn how to email and post photos online.

Monthly on the 4th Thursday @4:00p-5:30p Verde Valley Photographic Society: The science of good photography does not have remain a mystery. Join this group of photographic artists wishing to make a statement with their art. Interested in Photography? All over 18 years old are welcome! Come, share your photos. If digital, bring your flash drive - we'll show them on a screen. If hard copy, bring your photos. Learn how to use your camera, create pleasing compositions – and more! Come, Amateur photographers - Professionals! Learn more about photography. Bring samples of your work, prints or flash drive. We'll share. It's fun!

For Readers & Writers

At Camp Verde Community Library

Tuesday, January 8 Open Book - Book Club:10:00a–noon.

There will be a THEME! So come prepared to tell us about a book you read about animals! It can be fiction or non-iction as long as you can relate it to animals. Let me know what themes you'd like - February???


Wednesday, January 23 - Pulling off a Children's Book 9:15a-10:30a

The 3rd in a series of 4 writing and publishing classes taught by professional writers and sponsored by the Glorybound Christian Writer’s Association. Pulling off a Children’s Book : Anybody can write a children’s book because they are simple. We will talk about children’s books, formatting and grammar as well as how to pull off a children’s book that everybody wants to read. Where do you get pictures or illustrations? Can you use web pictures or family photos?

Monday, January 28– Writing for Fun & More 9:30a-noon
Ann Metlay will be back with more “Memory Writing” 9:30 to noon

Especially for those who want to share their writing with others. If you’re writing for others editing is important and makes your writing more meaningful. Bring a "finished" piece of writing that will take about 5 minutes to read to the group. Attendees will share their writing and, if they wish, get constructive feedback. Everyone is welcome, as long as you have writing to share. Bring questions. If you need Ann’s handout from November to help you prepare your work, send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


At Cottonwood Public Library

  • Writing for Fun every Tuesday - 9:00a to 10:30a
  • Creative Writing  every Tuesday - 10:45a - 12:30p

Professional Writers of Prescott

The January meeting will feature Elaine Jordan. Elaine is a former President of Professional Writers of Prescott and is a wonderful speaker. She's a multi-talented individual, and she is considered to be one of the best when it comes to writing & teaching how to write memoir. Elaine's topic will be, Turning Your Life Into Story.

PWP monthly meetings are held at the Prescott Public Library on Goodwin Street on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 6:00p - 7:45p in the Founders Suite on the Library’s 1st floor. SATURDAY WORKSHOPS are free to PWP members

Children’s Author GroupContact Pat Frayne at (928) 713-6679 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Carol Levin’s Monthly Writing Workshops at Prescott Public Library. Register at prescottlibrary.info or call (928) 777-1526.

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Grief Support Group

1st & 3rd Friday of the Month @9:00a - Northern AZ Hospice Bereavement Group (928) 639-6676. Meets in the Key Lime Room. Are you greiveing the loss of a loved one? Would you like a safe place to

  • meet new people?
  • be with other who understand?
  • talk with others experiencing similar thoughts and emotions?

Northern AZ Hospice Bereavement Groups are open to everyone.

Lions Club of Camp Verde

2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month @6:00p - Club Meets in the Key Lime Room New participants welcome!

Mobile Device Users Group

Monthly on the 3rd Tuesday @4:00p-5:00p Meet with PC Helpdesk Library Clerk, Wendy in the Center. You've Got It! Now You've Got to Use It! Wendy, Library Clerk @the PC Help Desk gives one-on-one assistance with your own personal device. This is a group for people helping people. Bring your tablet, smartphone or laptop and get the help you need. Meets monthly, the 3rd Tuesday.

Music in the Stacks

Monthly on the 2nd Thursday @5:30p-7:30p - A FREE montly concert series showcasing local musicians who entertain regularly in Northern Arizona. There are 5-7 different performers during the show, with a rotating variety each month. â€‹June’s concert features the following talented local musicians: Jo Berger, Ray Sealing, Jack Wilden, Mike McReynolds and Matt Fabritz.  These free concerts will continue the second Thursday of every month at the same time and location.    

Parenting Class

Wednesday, Weekly @3:00p in the Copper Room: Do you have questions or concerns as a parent or guardian? Join Wendy McCants, of Human Resources Training: Building Families Strengthening Lives, in a unique parenting support group. Learn about parenting resources, skills and tips while your children enjoy Story Time with Ms. Nadia. 

Spring Chickens Gathering

Monthly on the 1st Wednesday @10:00a-noon in the Terracotta Room: Join us on the first Wednesday of every month for Historical Storytelling led by Jane Goddard. Relive the past, and share your stories over coffee and donuts. This gathering is for those who have a history in the Verde Valley, or want to learn more about the old way of life. We're not Old Timers, we're Spring Chickens!

Verde Rope & Gear Presents

Monthly on the 1st Thursday @5:00p

Learn the strength training secrets of the old time strongmen, use unique tools to build monumental strength, and harness your potential. 1st Thursday of the month at 5 pm in the Terracotta Room.

Verde Valley Special Needs Support Group

Monthly on the 4th Thursday @6:00p Verde Valley Special Needs Support Group: Our children have Downs syndrome, seizure disorder, feeding tubes, premature birth, deafness, autism spectrum disorder, spina bifida, the list goes on. I hated the hard surgeries for my son, but one mother wished her child had a condition that doctors could fix. I struggled with how to respond to strangers that point and stare, but another mother wanted her child's condition to be visibly obvious so strangers would understand why he wasn't doing what other 9-year-old boys did. It is powerful to simply congregate with other parents whose children have special needs, hear the variation in stories, see the experience refracted through the crystal of multiple identities. Because I've learned on this parenting journey, no one is behind me, no one is in front of me. I am exactly where I need to be with my child. A place where we all are students and we all are teachers.

Women's Support Group

Weekly on Wednesdays @6:00p-7:30p in the Key Lime Room: We live in a place where women's voices are often silenced. This group offers a safe and judgment-free environment supporting the richness and complexity of women's lives. A place where your experiences will be acknowledged and honored. A place to give and receive support for the many issues we struggle with as women such as self-esteem, identity, relationships, family, health and so much more. Rediscover your own voice and experience great healing and empowerment. Call 928-593-9528 for more information.